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Build Mode Elements

-> Kiri’s Wall Covers conversions
(These walls are classified by expansion pack. The link given leads to the base game set, the others can easily be accessed from there.)

-> Simworld’s recreation of the base game wrought iron fence

-> Jiyang and Тов.Кот’s recreation of the base game brick column

-> Windkeeper's recreations of the Monticello and El Sol windows.

-> Corsetcrush’s recreation of the Living Large boomerang window

-> The Sims 3 Store’s recreation of the Unleashed gothic quarter fence
Original TS3 download (part of the Century Manor set)
CrispsandKerosene’s TS2 conversion
(An associated column is also available (direct link))

-> The Sims 3 Store’s recreations of the Unleashed café windows.
Original TS3 download
Jiyang and Тов.Кот’s TS2 conversion. This object is glitched, see comment.

-> An unknown creator's recreation of the Superstar ebullience sculpture as a fence. Shared by Jiyang.

-> CrispsandKerosene's recreation of the Superstar studio fence.
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